Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cute right? It's my mini tea set.

I like this one better than the D&G pic.

Gr. This bottle had silver-y letters that i could not get right! But this perfume smells amazing so yeah... :]
I need a zoom lense, ASAP.
My aunts cat.
This is one of my very first pictures with my Canon Rebel.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A creek in my pasture.


Random, I know. I was testing my camera. There was actually cage wire separating me and the chicken but i focused it to make the wire disappear. I didn't get it to disappear completely, mostly because there was two layers of wire and one was a little off. This is definitely something i will be working on.



The start of spring.

One of the few flowers that is in bloom. After a hard freeze everything is dead, except for this little guy and some weeds.


Ice on our pond.

New Mexico.

MY FAVORITE NEW MEXICO PICTURE. I love the way the sun's rays come out at you. The sky was gorgeous. This was also taken at the lookout point... I think.
From a lookout point, the view was amazing! Of course seeing it in person is so much more wonderful then looking at a picture. I think the tree adds some excitement to an otherwise boring landscape.

New Mexico.

I'm not sure whose footprints these are. Mine, my dad's, or a complete strangers.

New Mexico.

Outside my hotel in NM.